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Berlin-LA Connect

International Artists Collaboration Exchange Project Berlin – Los Angeles

As part of the exchange program BERLIN-LA CONNECT, Gallery Wolf & Galentz is hosting Lava Projects from Los Angeles, 7–23 June, 2019.

Opening: Friday, June 7, 5pm  |  opening hours: Monday–Thursday 2–6pm

LAVA Projects

LAVA Projects works with contemporary artists to create engaging exhibitions which enhance the cultural landscape of Los Angeles. Founded by artist Colin Roberts in 2017, LAVA is by artists for artists, focused purely on the work. LAVA helps to share exciting emerging artists work with the community and world.

Artists curated by Wolf & Galentz


Berlin-LA CONNECT is an international artists collaboration and exchange project between the sister cities Berlin and Los Angeles. Twenty non-profit independent art spaces each from the two cities visit each other, develop concepts together and exhibit in the spaces of the exchange partners in the other city.
From 7 to 23 June, 2019, the artists, affiliated to the Los Angeles art spaces, show their works in the Berlin art spaces. The exhibitions and collaboration projects are accompanied by an extensive program of concerts, performances, readings and a general presentation to the public of the project spaces.

Guidet Tours

There will be different tours to all spaces: more informations

Tour no 3 will stat on Monday, 10 June, 12pm and on Sunday 16 June at Wolf & Galentz. Following spaces will be visited: Wolf & Galentz, rosalux,
COPYRIGHT/kronenboden/uqbar, L’oiseau présente & Botschaft,

BERLIN-LA CONNECT is conceived as a cultural exchange on the grass roots level. Protagonists of different art scenes and genres meet and work together. International networks are encouraged between the respective cities as well as on a broader scope. With an understanding of globality as something positive, the cultural convergence of the sister cities will be increased in this project. B-LA CONNECT celebrates diversity, shows presence and strives to counter reactionary forces. Berlin and Los Angeles share an urban ethos of the local, the here and now, of being a place for cultural plurality, and for individual freedom. Especially in times of increasing authoritarianism and right-wing fundamentalism, both cities promote liberality and cosmopolitanism.

As a pilot project, in May 2018 the exhibit CO/LAB III took place in the Torrance Art Museum (, supported by the Berlin senate. Eight art spaces from Berlin met eight spaces from Los Angeles, in pairs, one from each city, these art spaces were responsible for one section of the main hall of the museum. This collaboration already initiated several joint exhibitions and exchanges between the participating art spaces.

More Informations about the project:

Artwork: Christopher Wilde “imaginary prison”



Torrance Art Museum

Torrance Art Museum


Radio Arty


Checkpoint Charly Stiftung

Checkpoint Charly Stiftung