GAallery Wolf & GAlentz

Gallery Wolf & Galentz

Art of the 20th century

The gallery focuses on the presentation of 20th century artists from East and West Berlin, as well as 21st century visual art. In contrasting and juxtaposing them, current and historic aesthetic positions become discernible. The gallery also will strive to facilitate international art exchange programmes. The gallerists both maintain contacts with artists in Berlin (project space organisation Kolonie Wedding) and internationally, such as from Finland, Croatia, Macedonia, USA, Russia and the Caucasus.


  • Advice for collectors and art lovers
  • Art trade
  • Mediation of artists
  • research
  • estate care
  • Production of edition objects
  • catalog production
  • bespoked frames


The gallery team consists of the artist Archi Galentz, the designer and artist Andreas Wolf, the Germanist Anna E. Wilkens and a team of freelancers. Read more

Administration of artists-estates

Administration of estates of the following artists are supervised by the gallery:

  • Gisa Hausmann
  • Gunther Baumgart

International exchange

In addition, the gallery presents international contemporary art. Through the personal connections to the Projektraumverband Kolonie Wedding and many contacts to artists in Berlin, Finland, Croatia, Macedonia, USA, Africa, Russia and the Caucasus region, it is a goal of the operators to promote the international artistic-cultural exchange.

The Gallery’s Creation

In 2018, artist-gallerist Joachim Pohl was looking for people who would continue his gallery in Berlin Pankow that he had run for over 25 years. The gallery’s focus was art of East Berlin and GDR since 1945. Pohl is one of utmost experts of GDR art.
He met artists Archi Galentz and Andreas Wolf, who were very interested in keeping the gallery open as an art space. Both have great experience in curating and organising exhibitions. Both know a lot of people in the Berlin art scene and internationally, and have been running project spaces in the area of Berlin where this gallery is located. Archi Galentz and Andreas Wolf intend to continue Pohl’s work. Equally, their focus will also be on 20th century and contemporary art from Berlin.