artwork Andre Sexton

Mutant Hand Back Patch, with Severed Finger Keychains, 2017
Tooled and dyed leather,
36 x 24 in

Price on request

Andrew Sexton

I’m currently working on a series called The Shop based on my experiences as an art fabricator in a foundry. It’s my attempt at building a landscape of surreal, humorous sculptures that mimic the tools and gear used to make them, as much as the spirit of the place that forged them. Cathartic grotesques that speak to the physical strain, the day dreaming, the craft, the beauty, the frustration, the depression, the blue humor, and the comradery with your fellow workers. My design practice is a twin serpent that grew out of this like a fine boil. Fueled by brokenness I started to make and repair my own foundry gear. I made an apron and a bag, and the commissions started rolling in! It feels good to make unique pieces that my friends and loved ones can use on a daily basis. Art for me is a little piece of freedom where you can do things just right, whatever that means for you.