Into the Möbius Strip

Wolf& Galentz

Opening: April 12, 2019 at 7pm

14 April  – 2 June 2019, opening hours: Monday, 3–7pm , Sunday 7–11pm

In the first exhibition gallerists Archi Galentz and Andreas Wolf will introduce themselves as visual artists with their works, as well as works from their private collections.

The title playfully alludes to modern art as something that has no inside and outside, no up and down and no foreground and background: modern art is supposed to be always ambiguous and eludes the one definite interpretation. As soon as you believe to have understood the work, the interpretation tips over and everything is different.

Among others, there will be works by:

  • Günther Baumgart
  • Hans Bellmer
  • Eberhard Franke
  • Archi Galentz
  • Rupprecht Geiger
  • René Graetz
  • Ruben Grigoryan
  • Lea Grundig
  • Gisa Hausmann
  • Karl-Georg Hirsch
  • Alexander Horn
  • Sampsa Indrén
  • Mitsuo Katsui
  • Gayane Khachaturian
  • Aude de Kerros
  • Elisabeth Klutschewskaja
  • Wladimir Krawtschenko
  • Arkadij Kolchanov
  • Chantal Labinski
  • Rudi Lesser
  • Rolf Münzner
  • Oleg Neishtadt
  • Edwin Neyer
  • Ronald Paris
  • Jürgen Parusel
  • Christine Perthen
  • Jürgen Peters
  • Josep Renau
  • Karl Rössing
  • Günter Scherbarth
  • Mr. Ira Schneider
  • Uwe Sennert
  • Anatoly Slepyshev
  • Christian Stock
  • Claus Stolz
  • Alexander C. Totter
  • Andreas Wolf
  • Beat Zoderer

and other artists.