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Michael Waitz, artwork

Positions on Figuration.

On the Occasion of Klaus Fußmann’s 85th Birthday

Opening of the Exhibition: Fri 31 March 2023, 7 p.m.
Exhibition 2 April – 21 May 2023

Klaus Fußmann, painter, graphic artist and essayist, was appointed professor of painting at the University of the Arts Berlin in 1974 at the age of only 36 and has taught a considerable number of artists who are successful today. Long after his retirement in 2005, Klaus Fußmann continued to mentor his students and maintains an open and collegial dialogue with many of them.

On the occasion of the master’s 85th birthday, some of his students would like to honour Klaus Fußmann with a group exhibition. A special aspect of Fußmann’s work is that he always firmly believed in the importance of figuration, regardless of fashions in art. Therefore, in the exhibition Positions on Figuration. On the Occasion of Klaus Fußmann’s 85th Birthday at the Gallery Wolf & Galentz, we present a selection of works by the artist.

Fußmann’s works are flanked by those of his students; works by Gunther Baumgart, Hans-Joachim Billib, Sibylla Weisweiler, Hermann Reimer, Thomas Kaemmerer, Philipp Mager, Georgi Tchaidze, Michael Waitz, Christine Weber, Archi Galentz and Katja Krouppa enter into a dialogue with those of the master.

A brochure showing the exhibited works, with biographies of the artists and essays on the role of the teacher in the development of one’s own artistic expression will be published at the exhibition’s closing.

Artwork: Michael Waitz, Besiedlung / Colonization, 2018, oil on canvas, 70 × 60 cm (detail)