Flyer Los Angeles Ausstellung


Exhibition in Los Angeles

Last Projects
206 S Ave 20, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Opening on Friday, 8 July 2022 at 8 pm
Exhibition from 08-23.07.22
Open Fri / Sat / Sun from 15-19 hrs

Interflug is a group exhibition of artists from the Berlin based gallery Wolf & Galentz and the project space Kulturpalast Wedding International. Both art spaces are located in close proximity to the former Berlin Wall and explore in different ways the peculiarities and differences of Eastern and Western European art. While Wolf & Galentz focuses on the presentation of 20th century artists from East and West Berlin, Kulturpalast Wedding International curates, performance, actions and artistic interventions in public space.

The exhibition in Los Angeles shows a selection of works by artists closely associated with the project spaces: drawings, prints and excerpts from street actions and video documentaries, e. g. about the almost forgotten American singer and actor Dean Reed, who voluntarily lived in the GDR and died in a small lake in East Berlin.

Participating artists:

Maarja Nurk, Andreas Kotulla, Line Wasner, Henrik Jacob, Andreas Wolf, Archi Galentz, Ed Dickman, Gisa Hausmann, Jürgen Peters

For the opening at LAST PROJECTS the Berlin based artists Line Wasner and Henrik Jacob will present a plasticine disco.