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Nine artists on figuration

Opening: 27. September, 7pm

27 September – October 2019

“The Look on Us” shows a small selection of contemporary artists’ interpretations of the human body. Diversity of materials used is a special focus of the exhibition: ceramics, watercolours, acrylic, wood, clay, wool, spray paint, silkscreen, and glas. In some of the works the mode of application of the materials directly supports the subject. With the exception of the video by Fritz Stier, all of the works show non-moving figures, humans are depicted in repose, there is no immediate temporal aspect to the works.

Most of the presented works have in common that they do not show interactions between people, they feature single individuals (or parts of the human body) without action or communication. Rather, they invite the viewer to engage in a direct and intimate dialogue with them – the artworks seem to speak to us as their respondents.



  • Jovan Balov, paintings
  • Marc Haselbach, sculpture
  • Henrik Jacob, clay, watercolours
  • Ute Lindner, silkscreen-prints on glass
  • Edvardas Racevicius, sculpture
  • Fritz Stier, video
  • Kata Unger, tapestry, paintings
  • Ekkehard Vree, watercolours
  • Veronika Witte, sculpture

Curator: Andreas Wolf


Photo: Videostill In Between, Fritz Stier