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Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear art lovers,

we wish you all a nice turn of the year and a good start into the new one!

On this occasion we would like to offer a short review of our activities in 2019, the first year of Wolf & Galentz, and an outlook on 2020.


Wolf & Galentz’s first year was marked by international collaborations.
In our inaugural exhibition in April we presented works from our own personal collections from Germany, USA, Japan, France, Russia and Armenia.
In summer, we hosted an exhibition by gallery LAVA Projects from Los Angeles, which was followed by ‘Dialogues about Revolution and Power’, curated by Susanna Gyulamiryan, also the curator of this year’s Armenian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

In autumn we participated in an exchange project with the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad, Serbia, where we were invited to show our own works as artists; two artists from Novi Sad were in turn shown at Wolf & Galentz.
The then following group show took the topic of figuration in art into focus.
2019’s last exhibition, starting in November, was our first solo show, presenting works by Berlin artist Gisa Hausmann (d. 2105).

Furthermore, we hosted three concerts of Harri Sjöström’s series „Soundscapes“ (improvisation).

A heartfelt thank you to all our guests, art lovers and friends of the gallery for the many inspiring conversations.
Another great thanks goes to our patrons for their generous support.


For the coming year we project more solo exhibitions, while at the same time further develop international cooperations. In addition we are planning an exhibition on the topic of ‘Art and Literature’, and the concert series ‘Soundscapes’ will be continued.

Exhibition No 1, 2020
We cordially invite you to our first exhibition of the new year:
‘Wood Engraving – Selected Works from Russia and Germany’, to be opened on Friday, January 24, 2020.

With kind regards

Archi Galentz, Anna E. Wilkens and Andreas Wolf

Artists from Novi Sad (Serbia) present their works at gallery Wolf & Galentz and in the project spaces Prima Center Berlin and Spor Klübü.

Opening: Friday 8 November  2019, 7pm
Open: Sa. 9.11. – Di. 12.11. from 2–6pm


Mileta Poštić, Radovan Jokić (Galerie Wolf & Galentz | Wollankstraße 112A, 13187 Berlin)

Monika Sigeti, Ana Novaković (Prima Center Berlin | Biesentalerstr. 24, 13359 Berlin)

Đula Šanta, Rade Tepavčević (Spor Klübü | Freienwalder Straße 31, 13359 Berlin)

Exhibition views:


Accompanying Program

German-Serbian Artist Exchange on Migration

Talk and get together: Sunday, 10 November 2019, 8pm
The who and what of the artist exchange
Three short addresses / greetings from community at the
Panke (Protestant), Museum of Modern Art Novi Sad and
Colony Wedding
Sparkling wine, juice, water and chips (Soldiner Kiez e. V.)
Location: Fabrik Osloer Straße 12, 2. Backyard Uptake B 1st floor

Guided tour through Mosque in Soldiner Kiez: Monday, 11 November 2019, 8pm
Praying, education and social work and arrival in a foreign country
German with English translation
Place: Mosque Haci Bayram, Koloniestr. 128

Lecture: Tuesday, 12 November 2019, 7pm
The history of the Soldiner Kiez
Immigration from the beginning
Diana Schaal (Soldiner Kiez e. V.) in English
then Balkan party
Location: Prima Center Berlin, Biesentaler Str. 24

In cooperation with:

Soldiner Kiez e. V, Kolonie Wedding e. V. , Museum Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Serbia and all artists

artwork by Mileta Poštić

Wolf & Galentz presents the Berlin artist Gisa Hausmann.

Vernissage: Friday 15 November 2019 7pm

Exhibition: 15 November – 18. December 2019

Exhibition views


“The artist Gisa Hausmann is one of the unknown celebrities of Berlin. She’s an insiders’ choice.” (Gisela Breitling)

In the course of her life, Gisa Hausmann (1942–2015) worked with a considerable range of artistic forms of expression, large-format drawing and etching, painting – with many allusions to the old masters; sculpture, and works in the technique Hapix-Set, which she developed herself.

One element that can be found throughout her oeuvre is the grotesque; distortion and exaggeration of lines and shapes, bordering sometimes on caricature.

As opposed to the two posthumous exhibitions, where the accent was placed on the last decades of the artist’s life, this show emphasizes her earlier work from the 1960s and 70s.

This exhibition in the Gallery Wolf & Galentz is the first of a series of shows which will explore the artist’s legacy. It will feature works never shown before as well as those seldom seen.

More informations: (German)